Weekly Virtual STEAM Challenges 

While our Museum is currently closed due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions our programming continues. 


We understand that parents are juggling a lot at home at this time. We have put together some
super funself-led (means your child leads their learning), open-ended  (means can take as long or a little as you like)  projects!


Use whatever materials you have around the house to complete each challenge and be sure to check back each week - you don't want your children missing out on the fun and learning. For added fun, be sure to post your favorite photos of your children's creativity on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Week One: To SPACE and BEYOND!

Each of the challenges are designed to be completed over a period of several days. 

Day 1. (Monday) Watch the Video and start with Activity A. 
Day 2 (Wednesday) kids can watch the video again if they like and then engage in Activity B and finally  
Day 3 (Friday) Choose to watch the video again or not and engage in Activity C.

DAY 1 Activity A

Create: You are a brave astronaut exploring the planets of our galaxy when you land on the Dust Storm Planet, Mars. Quick! You must create some goggles or glasses that will shield your eyes from all that blowing dirt and dust!

Play: Parents, jump in on the action! Build an Mars obstacle course together and allow your child to lead the way through while wearing their nifty new goggles!

Day 2 Activity B

Create: Oh no, brave astronaut! You are slowly turning into a frozen popsicle as you have just landed on the Ice Giant Planet, Neptune. Design something to add to your space suit that will keep you warm!

Play: Now that your astronaut is warm, help them build a shelter from Neptune's cold. Think igloo style!

Day 3 Activity C

Create: You have successfully made it to the far reaches of our solar system and are now exploring our dwarf planets, but you feel as if you are not alone...  Design an alien catching trap to catch these fast and friendly ones!

Play: Go on an alien "hunt" with your child around the home! As usual, let your astronaut adventurer lead the way!   Hint: Flashlights might be necessary! 

Suggested Household Items for the activity:

  • paper plates and cups

  • paper towel/ tp rolls

  • yarn

  • construction paper

  • stickers

  • markers

  • cardboard

  • boxes

  • paper clips

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