Weekly Virtual STEAM Challenges 

While our Museum is currently closed due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions our programming continues. 


We understand that parents are juggling a lot at home at this time. We have put together some
super funself-led (means your child leads their learning), open-ended  (means can take as long or a little as you like)  projects!


Use whatever materials you have around the house to complete each challenge and be sure to check back each week - you don't want your children missing out on the fun and learning. For added fun, be sure to post your favorite photos of your children's creativity on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Each of the challenges are designed to be completed over a period of several days. 

Day 1. (Monday) Watch the Video and start with Activity A. 
Day 2 (Wednesday) kids can watch the video again if they like and then engage in Activity B and finally  
Day 3 (Friday) Choose to watch the video again or not and engage in Activity C.

DAY 1 Activity A

Create: Rewind time, Civil Engineer! Pretend you are living BEFORE the Golden Gate Bridge existed. What would YOU create to get people to and from San Francisco? (Remember, it is a city surrounded by water!)

Play: Ask your child about their invention. How does it work? How many people can it hold? Does it fly, glide, ride or swim its patrons into San Francisco?

Day 2 Activity B

Create: The iPhone is cool and all, but we need your help, Mechanical Engineer. Can you design a phone that can do something special that our phones don't yet do today? Like teleport food or act as a time machine?

Play: Check out your child's invention. Use it's special ability to guide your play. If it can teleport food, pretend to order a meal. If it is a time machine, transform you both into different eras!

Day 3 Activity C

Create: The choice is yours! You are a master engineer and must identify a problem in our world. What will you create to solve it?

Play: Ask your child about their invention. How does it work? What problem does it solve? 

Suggested Household Items for the activity:

  • paper plates and cups

  • paper towel/ tp rolls

  • yarn

  • construction paper

  • stickers

  • markers

  • cardboard

  • boxes

  • paper clips

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