Weekly Virtual STEAM Challenges 

While our Museum is currently closed due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions our programming continues. 


We understand that parents are juggling a lot at home at this time. We have put together some
super funself-led (means your child leads their learning), open-ended  (means can take as long or a little as you like)  projects!


Use whatever materials you have around the house to complete each challenge and be sure to check back each week - you don't want your children missing out on the fun and learning. For added fun, be sure to post your favorite photos of your children's creativity on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Week Three: A Day at the Zoo

Each of the challenges are designed to be completed over a period of several days. 

Day 1. (Monday) Watch the Video and start with Activity A. 
Day 2 (Wednesday) kids can watch the video again if they like and then engage in Activity B and finally  
Day 3 (Friday) Choose to watch the video again or not and engage in Activity C.

DAY 1 Activity A

Create: Kangaroos and wombats are part of the marsupial family meaning that they have pouches to carry their young. Can you create a pouch to carry things in? How can you make your pouch wearable?  What will you need? Paper? Cloth? String? Go create!

Play: Go for a nature walk with your child. What does your child want to collect in their new, wearable pouch? See how well your child's pouch can hold all of your outside treasures!

Day 2 Activity B

Create: Lemurs are arboreal which means they live in trees. Have mom or dad print out this picture of a lemur. What will you use to build a tree home for your new lemur pet? Click here to download photo of lemur.

Play: Your child just created a tree house for the lemur, but why stop there? Now design a tree house for your whole family. What special features will it have?

Day 3 Activity C

Create: The zoo in the clip has animals from all over the world even though it is a zoo on the continent of Australia. Can you design your own zoo and include animals from each continent in your zoo? How will you build their dwellings and keep them safe in their cages? You can use toy animals you already have or print out pictures of different animals you'd like at your zoo

Play: Take a tour of your child's zoo! What are some things that you like about their creation? What special features are your favorite? Even take some time to pretend playing with your little zookeeper!

Suggested Household Items for the activity:

  • paper plates and cups

  • paper towel/ tp rolls

  • yarn

  • construction paper

  • stickers

  • markers

  • cardboard

  • boxes

  • paper clips

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